How to Create State Bank of India Virtual Credit Card

Posted by Chiranjeev Kumar On Tuesday, 10 July 2012

SBI has launched e-card named as Virtual Credit Card (VCC). Now you can make online purchase online transaction with SBI Virtual card. This virtual card is not a Credit Card but can be used just like a credit Card. If you are a SBI customer and do not have a credit card you can create a VCC for your online transaction.
How to generate State Bank of India Virtual Credit Card
Note: You must have PAN no. in your account to generate SBI Virtual Credit Card.

Step 1: Login to your SBI online Net banking Account.
Step 2: Click on e-card option on right side.
Step 3 : Fill the card limit amount from Rs. 100 to Rs. 50000.
check the picture below (Step 1,2 and 3) 

Step 4: Check the check box of ’Term & Condition’ and then click on ‘Generate’ Button.
Step 5: Once again hit ‘Generate’ button when State Bank of India will ask you for confirmation.

Cheers! Now SBI Virtual Credit Card is has been generated. Check the picture below.
This card will has 16 Visa Card number, cardholders name, CVV number and Expiry.

Conditions of Using State Bank of India Virtual Credit Card.
·         The Virtual Card can be used in India, Nepal and Bhutan
·         The currency will be always Rupees.
·         The unused card will be expired within 24-48 hours from generating the card.
·         It can be used for online payment only.
·         A card can be used for only one transaction.
·         Unused balance will be retrieve in your account after 48 hours.
·         There is no charge for Generate/Use/Cancel the card.
·         You can generate unlimited no. of card.

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